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Make it something for the home.

Fashion is of course my first and foremost love, however interior design is a very close second. I reckon if I hadn’t been whipped up in the world of fashion (said with a mild tinge of sarcasm) I’d be working in the interiors field… or I’d be an archeologist, but that’s a whole other story. You don’t have to think about if something fits, does it make your cankles look huge, is it something you can realistically pull off at your age? It’s all inclusive. A beautiful throw is a beautiful, no matter how sizeable your calves are. In fact it’s even a great tool to hide your cankles whilst still maintaining a seductive allure.

Toast makes my heart go all a-flutter, it really does. I want to live inside the Toast catalogue – if you don’t already receive them make sure you sign up to do so on the site.  (That’s not a request.) These beautiful Mimosa print bed sheets are the perfect shade of blue. Try them mixed with plain white sheets, or a shot of the mustardy yellow tone – unexpected, but great.

Good old M&S, you can’t go wrong. Their homewares department has been particularly great of late, and with the addition of the Conran range it’s gained some serious design credentials. This Conran armchair may be pricey (Yes, even with 20% off all homewares this weekend it’s still £600) but it’s a true statement. Outdoors, indoors, conservatory, corner of a bedroom… who cares, it’s pretty spectacular.

Zara Home is to interiors what Zara itself is to fashion. A great, relatively inexpensive way of making things look rather luxe. The quality’s on the money and so is the styling. Their site – www.zarahome.com – is a great place to look for inspiration, but be warned, having beds that look as luxurious as they do on the site is going to dent your bank balance. This vivid blue and white picture frame looks like it’s been created using the washed up pieces of someone’s beloved boat, and I’m a little bit in love with that.

RE is a fantastic homewares store located in the North Eastern village of Corbridge, and if you ever get the opportunity to go, do so. It’s a treasure trove of amazing wares. Thankfully for those not quite so Northernly located there’s a newly opened concession in Liberty, as well as a fully stocked online store – www.re-foundobjects.com/store – so there’s plenty opportunity for a good old browse. This giant white wooden star has little use, but what a piece it is. Imagine it on a mantle piece propped up to one side… Ah. If only I had a) a fireplace to prop it on, and b) the £75 to make said purchase.