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Miller Harris have managed to encapsulate one of my favourite smells in their La Pluie scented candle. The smell that lingers in the air before a huge rainstorm, heavy and inky, combined with the smell of tropical flowers desperate for the impending rain, it’s all there with La Pluie. It’s an amazing alternative to the overly floral scents that surround us in the summer months.

Give it a try. Light it, lie on your bed (on top of your new Mimosa sheets from Toast – see below) turn down the lights and pretend you’re off on some extraordinary tropical island about to get spectacularly drenched. It’s also available in a fragrance, so you can get that thunderous feeling all day long..

If you’re unfamiliar with the Miller Harris brand, give them a look – www.millerharris.com – I fully recommend Geranium Bourbon also, and to top it all off it comes in some very stylish packaging.