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 Last night I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Marni at H&M pre-launch event at the Regent Street store, which meant I wasn’t exactly lining up for hours as some of the Marni crazed shoppers were and for that fact I am eternally grateful. I’m all for a frenzied fashion mission, but it is also does make things somewhat scary. At five o’clock I arrived at the store with a good friend of mine, both armed with our list of must-have pieces, and also with a list of pieces from friends, colleagues, family members… In the pursuit of beautiful clothing I’m willing to help almost anyone and so my mission was accepted.

For myself I managed to purchase a vibrant pair of yellow shorts, navy blue chinos, an appliqued top which for £19.99 really is a bit of a bargain, a short sleeved cashmere jumper which for £39.99 was also a huge bargain, and a pair of the black leather sandals. Now, sandals on a man. This has been a bit of an issue it has to be said. I’m no fan of feet or toes and it would seem neither are many of my friends. One in particular professed utter disgust at my wish to purchase them. Apparently whilst on holiday women can be cool and comfortable in a flipflop whilst men have to have full on shoes on. Erm, no. I’ll take the sandals thanks. Even if I look like a lost German tourist.

So, was it worth it in the end? In short, yes. The Marni at H&M collection was by far one of the best designed, presented and marketed collections H&M has done. A beautifully atmospheric ad campaign teamed with perfect styling went into making this a collection that come summer will be amazing. The floaty silk dresses are going to be perfect on a warm evening on holiday that’s for sure, but womenswear wise the true standout were the accessories. Plastic and leather jewellery pieces and statement bracelets were every inch Marni and very little H&M, which is the point of these collections I guess. These pieces aren’t a fad – if you invested well in the right pieces I genuinely believe they’ll see you through for many years to come. A go to silk blouse for summer, a fantastic pair of printed silk shorts, a statement necklace that could have come straight off a runway. Something for everyone’s wardrobe was there if you looked for it.

Swinging by the flagships stores on Oxford Street tonight I can tell you the only pieces left were the leather cardigans and the leather jumpers. Perhaps a little too rigid to be all that useable this summer. Accessories wise it’s a total sell out, same goes with the footwear. The only store is pretty much wiped out also…unless you’re a guy – then you could be in luck. There’s some bits left and Regent Street especially has an abundance of leather and canvas bags which I was sure would be a sell out. Apparently not.

So how about you, thoughts? Purchases? Rants about the lack of certain items?