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Watch The Show Here!

 A few seasons ago someone at Louis Vuitton clearly decided it was time to up their game with their presentations, that isn’t to say however their game was ever particularly low. It began with truly one of the best show presentations I’ve ever seen, last winter’s amazing bondage fest where models ascended to the runway level in one of four gilded elevators. It was quite simply an amazing scene to watch. Last season we saw a giant merry-go-round bring the models onto the runway, however both of these were totally eclipsed by the fantastic presentation held today in Paris.

The entire venue was transformed into a railway platform, complete with clock chiming to summon the arrival of the next train, and yes that is exactly what happened. A Louis Vuitton steam train filled to the brim with models arrived onto the runway, drenching the front rows in glorious wafts of steam. Inside the ornate (clearly first class) carrigae the models sat in plush chairs just waiting to disembark. Once in the station the models began to descend – yet none of them were carrying any of the famous Louis Vuitton luggage? That would be because each and every model came with their very own bell boy, trotting silently behind the models carrying their luggage. It was all a bit of classic movie-like dream. Something about steam trains and travel just excites me, this grand opulent adventure that lies ahead.

A grand opulent adventure would also sum up the clothes pretty well in fact. Heavily ornate closures on jackets, beautifully detailed embroidery soaked in jewels made their way down the runway in the form of large outerwear pieces, long tunic style dresses and ankle crazing trousers – all worn at once I might add. Layering is the key here, as we all knew it would be when it came to this season. After a season where coats just wouldn’t budge of the shelves we see looks that focus entirely on the jacket with layering pieces to make it more winter appropriate. Muted colour tones on the most part made the most of the ornate metal work closures, large oversized lapels stayed perfectly on the right side of comical, and the shoes… oh the shoes. Sky high and sharply architectural in some cases.

Vuitton would not be Vuitton without enviable bags and this collection certainly had plenty. Beautifully beaded monogram weekend bags in jewel tones of purple and green were a real stand out. Look out for those. After a rather disappointing season from Marc Jacobs in New York I’m ecstatic to see he’s still on top form at the house of Vuitton.

I could fill this post with images from the collection, but I’m not going to. I want you to watch the video, see the spectacle, watch the bell boys carry the exceptional bags and dream you’re arriving in Paris at the turn of the century. So do it. Please.

Watch The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012 Show Here