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Pyjama pieces really were one of the huge trends to come from the S/S12 collections, appearing almost everywhere in some way, shape, or form. Wether they were presented together as complete sets or separates they were for the most part entirely wearable.

The idea of wearing them out in the big wide world may well fill you with absolute fear, will people think I really just haven’t got changed? Will people get it? Will I look like a total tool? Well the answer is no, you wont. Not if you get it right. Some of the two piece sets look incredible but to be honest, I’m not going to be recommending them for every day wear. Unless you happen to work at a magazine/amazing fashion company. Mostly people will just think you’re the crazy lady who didn’t have time to get changed for work. It’s sad, but we know it’s true.

From the high street the best offerings come from Zara. Without any doubt. They saw they trend, did it amazingly, and more importantly, did it at the right time. They’ll start filtering into other stores over the next few months but Zara have definitely got the head start. Try them with a simple flat sandal (for when the weather’s a bit warmer) or with a high wedge or simple sandal. Don’t go getting all over excited and choose a pair too fussy. Let’s not guild the lily ey?

These little drawstring numbers from Zara are a really easy way to make it work, and at £35.99 what more could you actually want?

Marni at H&M has delivered a great little pyjama set, this top, £89.99, comes complete with a matching pair of shorts if you’re feeling adventurous. If you’re not, try this with jeans or even tailored city shorts.

These Stella McCartney pants may well be £430, but they’re oh so pretty. Paisley’s another big trend this season too, so you know, two birds, one rather pricey stone.

It takes some long limbs to pull of these, but the print’s incredible. At £200 these Malene Birger numbers are definitely a tad more affordable too. Try with a really simple vest and a bit of wedge.