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I always look forward to the Mulberry presentation at London Fashion Week, not only do they always ensure they bring the fun on in they always manage to bring in a very stary front row too, and this season was no exception. Lana Del Rey (who has a bag named after her in the AW11 collection in fact), the girls of Downton Abbey, Michelle Williams, Bill Nighy, Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Palermo, Tom Hiddleston and Rebecca Hall were this years impressive front row selection.

As the soundtrack was very clearly telling us the collection seemed to be inspired by ‘scary monsters’, woodland monsters it would seem. We saw coats that can only be described as Cousin It-like to start us off, before we flowed into a series of exceptionally strong outerwear pieces, the parka being a key piece here. Beautiful shimmering golds against honey yellows, deep teals and purples playing alongside each other and a whole host of textured fur fabrics made the collection rather opulent. But it was a very English, accentric opulence we saw. The two monsters flanking the catwalk made an appearance as a print througout the collection also, most notably on an orange sweatshirt, layered over a delicate orange lace skirt. Deep moody floral prints, that had an element of a moody Erdem appeared also. Colour wise think mottled patterns left by leaves on the pavement in the height of autumn and you wont be far off.

Silhouette wise we stated pretty nipped and streamlined. A volume up top around the sleeves and shoulders was offset with a slim-line skirt and belted waistline. It’s a flattering shape certainly and one that’s easy to make work – which is the mood of most of Mulberry’s collections. Real clothes for cool British girls, a bit of a quirk, and a bit of tough edge. And of course, always with a killer bag. We saw studded totes, zig-zag woven patterns, and plenty of the brand’s new key style – The Del Rey. Overall for a collection based on woodland monsters, it managed to avoid being gimmicky and for me the most important thing was that using brown tones didn’t turn it into some mucky mess. I’m not a fan of brown. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again… however here, it works.

Well done Mulberry.