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This could be the year where it all goes right. This could be the start of it ALL. Then again it might not be, and it might end up being another really rather dull year… but let’s not take that risk.

Wear something amazing this New Year just incase the photos are something you’re going to want to proudly display. You’re no help to anyone let alone yourself in that dull little black dress you bought from Oasis four years ago. And yes, people will notice it’s coming away under your arm. Buy something amazing.

Anyone who’s anyone knows that next season is going to be chocca-block with twenties inspired pieces, and this Marc Jacobs number will see you through Spring/Summer 12 and New Year’s eve too. Don’t gild the lily though ey? Keep the jewels at a minimum and it really is best to not get too literal with your hair. Let’s leave the flapper girl costumes at home girls.

Take the little black dress up a notch with this fantastically Stella McCartney-esque Zara dress. The asymmetrical hemline needs nothing more than a simple black strappy shoe. Give it a long gold necklace or an oversized gold cuff. Picture perfect.

This little copper Karen Millen number has just the right amount of cute about it to make it perfect for the year’s biggest party. It has pockets too. I always find pockets in a cocktail dress a welcome addition. I’m not overly sure why however, but let’s go with it.

Try these sequined Reiss trousers with a killer high heel and a simple vest style top. You’ll spend the night bedecked in sequins, but still feel comfortably cool. Not a look you’ll see pictures of and regret. Promise. Or your money back. (That’s a lie. I’ll give you nothing.)

If New Year’s isn’t a reason for lamé then I don’t quite know what is quite frankly. This little Gucci top would even fit in nicely with the sequinned Reiss trousers (Oh yes. Lamé and sequins. Good times.)

And do try your very best to avoid being ‘that girl’. That would be the girl sobbing into sequins in the corner with WKD dribbling down her chin and spring rolls in her clutch. Not a good start to the year.