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One publication I’ve began to always look forward to is Industrie. We’re up to Issue 4 now, and this time Franca Sozzani takes the cover. If you’re not a hardcore fashionite it might not fascinate you as it does me, but as you’re reading this blog I’m going to presume that you are. I’m all for reading interviews with the people who make fashion happen, who give us the editorials we stare in awe of, the people who decide who and more precisely what will truly be in fashion next season.

If you’ve ever found yourself reading any of Liz Jones‘ articles for The Daily Mail then the issue’s definitely a good read. Isaac Lock perfectly sums up my own feelings towards ‘that woman.’ If someone spends their days complaining and trivializing the fashion word, then why exactly do they continue to spend their life living in that world? He’s a tad more polite than I’d be however I’m sure, I myself would be hard-pushed not to utter the phrase ‘vile little cretin’ personally. So go team him.

If you’re unfamiliar with Industrie, give it a go sometime. It can be a fascinating insight into the cogs that keep fashion moving.