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So, it launched. It created chaos. As you would expect. But was it worth it in the end?

From the get go I was personally less enthusiastic about this collection than with previous ones. I almost had a stroke when I found out Lanvin was doing a collection, Jimmy Choo made me nearly pee, but Versace’s not really a brand I connect too strongly with. That’s not to say that it isn’t a great brand, as it really is. It knows who it is and it’s unashamed of that, and you always have to admire such commitment… but I don’t want to wear it. The menswear for the most part left me a little cold. Some of it’s very cool, but realistically, I’d never wear it. That is of course a very personal thing, there’s many men around London currently wearing the entire collection. Believe me. I’ve seen them. I spotted no less than four studded leather jackets being worn on the tube last night. Four. I was only on the tube for a matter of minutes.

The one piece I did decide to buy was the black tailored shirt, complete with gold collar tips. It’s cool, simple, and cut really nicely. I’m not in love with the fabric particularly but I’m happy with the purchase for sure. There’s so much studded and detailing going on in the collection that it seems the fabrics suffered. At the end of the day there’s a margin to be made and if Donatella was insistant about the type of studding being used, then the fabrics had to get cheaper. It’s a bit of a shame, especially coming off the back of Lanvin for H&M which featured some of the most exquisite pieces I’ve ever seen H&M create. The fabrics were fantastic, the cut was impeccable and the construction was near brilliant.

So, what did you think oh lovely readers? Did you love it? Are you currently sat somewhere wearing a baroque leopard print silk skirt? Answers on a postcard please. (Or like, in the comments section.)

And to my American friends, who don’t get the collection until tomorrow morning, happy shopping! Remember – You have elbows for a reason.