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Karl Lagerfeld never fails to disappoint when it comes to putting on a true show. We’ve had models descending off giant merry-go rounds, wading through ankle deep water and ice caps and crunching over immaculate white gravel in topiary gardens. This season Chanel took us under the sea and decided to fully set the scene for us. Near lifesize wales appeared to float throughout the colossal venue with giant white shells littering the white sand covered floor. It’s an impressive setting for a show, made all the more impressive by Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine‘s appearance in an opening clam shell to close the show with a performance.

The collection itself is everything we’ve come to expect of recent Chanel, fairly conservative, frumpily beautiful and filled with quirky details that bring a smile to even the most cynical of editors. This season those quirks came in the form of clutch bags shaped like shells. The collection’s heavy on the use of white as we’ve come to expect from this season; but which also happens to be a Chanel staple. Aquatic details filled the pieces, with delicate chiffon layers made to resemble fish scales, and ruffled sections clearly taking a heavy influence from coral.

Chanel commands so much respect for being a brand that is fully prepared to have fun with its heritage, it’s never averse to bringing the fun in which for such a superbrand is fairly rare. The collection isn’t one of my favourite’s by Karl by any means but it’s all just such a fantastic spectacle to behold that I can’t help but want to be part of the Chanel world.