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If I were a woman I would want to spend an awful lot of my time in Stella McCartney. Well, if I were a rather rich woman anyway. Stella’s label really has gone from strength to strength and has a very unique and distinguishable signature. The Stella McCartney girl is sexy and confident, but always comfy in herself and what’s she’s wearing. She dresses with that enviable ease.

The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection saw the outing of sheer polkadot pieces which came to be a real standout piece of the season. Polka dots are still happening in Stella’s world it would seem, we see them here in a much softer setting however. There’s a feel of pyjamas about a lot of the collection which sort of fills me with happiness to be honest. After all if someone told you you could wear your pyjamas all day for work and be considered chic, you’d totally do it wouldn’t you?

The play on sheer panels is also brought in again from the previous collection, this time being used on colourblocked dresses featuring an embroidered baroque-esque scroll, which repeats beautifully down the edges of tailored jackets. The fabrics play delightfully alongside each other, resembling something you’d find a men’s dressing gown made out of perhaps? Shots of colour come from a vibrant blue and green, and then a rusty toned red appears through the use of the silk fabrics on the paneled dresses.

Stella McCartney‘s a designer who always has in mind the practicalities of fashion, ensuring she’s always designing pieces women will have to have and that they will be able to wear easily. This mood has been reflected through a lot of collections this season, as designers strive to make very commercial collections to ensure strong sales.

This collection to me is just further proof that dressing in ‘comfy’ clothing doesn’t always have to be the worst thing. Practical, chic, clean, and perfect for the summer months.