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The latest offering from Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy is so far one of my favourite shows to come out of Paris. Last season had pieces emblazoned with panthers, dogs and pansy’s, which I also loved a lot of, but with the Spring/Summer 2012 collection Tisci decided to go down the safe route most of the other designers have decided (or been forced to due to economic climate?) Safe doesn’t mean bad or boring by any means and this collection really goes to show that well.

For the most part here the silhouette is pretty neat and nothing too scary to wear, a few layered ruffle pieces shake that up midway through, but again there’s nothing there that’s too hard to wear. There’s a real focus on tailoring this season with particular attention being paid to the jacket; and the jackets here are incredible. They’re longer in the body with elongated narrow lapels worn over shirts with longer back panels and super skinny trousers. Tisci re-uses one of the big trends from last season here to great effect, using similar or exact shades of the same colour to build up a full look. We see jackets, shirts, skirts and trousers all coming out in the exact same shade.

One of my favourite parts of this collection has to be the narrow pencil skirts with a cut away sheer section at the very front. It’s undeniably sexy; that little sheer aspect, looking somewhere you shouldn’t be looking, but it’s not overt. The sheer dresses later take on the overt nature however!

Again black is here throughout this collection too. I suppose when designers are designing safer, very salable pieces black is always going to raise it’s head. What women does not invest money in classic black pieces over a more stand out seasonal-fad colour?

And my last note here is on the casting. Amazing. Natalia and Gisele back on the runway? Good times.