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Rumours had been circulating for quite sometime that Kayne West was due to show his first collection during Paris Fashion Week and last week when the invites finally landed on editor’s desks it was confirmed. Twitter was awash with photos of the invitations, and it would seem Kayne even managed to pull in a pretty decent crowd. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and designers such as Olivier Theyskens were all in attendance tonight.

I’m not in the habit of reviewing all collections that show; despite making sure I view them all. Generally I post about the ones I feel something for, whether that be because I fell in love, because I intensely disliked, or because I expected more. If I remain neutral about that I tend not to post anything, they didn’t peak my interest. Kanye’s show would probably have been one of those to be honest. It’s not diabolical in the grand scheme of things but it’s very far from being anything decent. What made me decide to post about it was the barrage of Tweets that came from critics after the show, they’re far more interesting than the show it’s self.

The fit of the pieces seems to have been the biggest issue here with critics, and I wholeheartedly agree. Some pieces look HORRENDOUSLY fitted, and there’s just no excuse for that.

@JessicaMichault The Kanye West show, in my humble opinion, is proof that everyone can love fashion but not everyone can be a fashion designer.

@JessicaMichault I think that every one of the designers sitting in the front row at Kanye West must have had a deja vue moment at some point during the show

@CathyHorynNYT Next season Kanye should get a tailor so the clothes might fit. Models swimming in some looks. Kills the hot look, no?

@CHANELDanielle Kanye West SS12: Urk. Really subdued clapping at the end. The show needed an edit. A few hot frocks though. RG

@marian_kihogo: we can allow Kanye West freshman forgiveness. Sophomore collection, he better bring it!

@BinkleyOnStyle I’ll file my thoughts later, but let’s just say it’s good #Kanye West has a solid day job

@mredelstein kanye west should be a designer about as much as Coco Chanel should be a rapper.


And if after all that you still want to have a look at the collection… Click here.