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Balenciaga under Nicolas Ghesquiere has never really been a label for the fainthearted woman, that’s for sure.  During his time defining the label there have been few collections that would even go close to the word ‘wearable’. This collection follows suit and features pieces for only the most daring of women.

The shorts whilst being high waisted and somewhat tiny, itty-bitty in fact, cutting high at the sides. I imagine once this collection goes into production the proportions will shift and they might well become more wearable. It’s the tailored jackets here that interest me most; cut with such a boxy crisp shape that they look like it would be near impossible to bend your arm in them. Practicality does not live here, but then I can’t imagine Nicholas would ever want it to. The metallic tones we all now know are going to be huge next season come in one of my favourite forms yet, they take on the appearance of being brushed. The gold isn’t brash or blingy, it’s toned down here to be a subtle soft gold which only looks the better for being set against rusty orange tones.

Animal prints and skins make an appearance in the collection but they are kept to the footwear for the most part. There’s a pair of leopard print heels that are pretty fantastic. I don’t enjoy the involvement of the gaudy print particularly but I do understand it’s presence here. The headwear reminds me of a Nun, or rather what I imagine a Nun in  Star Wards would wear.

On the whole it doesn’t set my world on fire, but it’s interesting certainly. Balenciaga can be so much more interesting and intriguing though, so in comparison, it’s not inspiring me. The colours are the strongest feature here for me and certainly what I take away from viewing the collection. If you have the balls some of these jackets are going to look great when next summer comes around, but they’re more than likely going to be paired with severely skinny trousers to try and claw back some form of shape. They’re not going to be the most flattering of cuts by any means.