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The lead up to the launch of Target’s latest designer collaboration was a pretty big one, and rightly so. It’s a pretty big brand they managed to bring on board. Missoni is one of the most famous Italian brands there is, their prints and designs are instantly recognizable. Even if you’re not familiar with the brand themselves you’re almost certainly going to be familiar with the style of knitwear they brought onto the market as it’s copied in just about every single high street store going. It made sense that one day Missoni would do some form of high street diffusion line, most brands have dipped their toes in the water and for the most part it’s always been highly successful. It surprised me somewhat that Missoni went for Target however and not for perhaps the more fashionable choice of H&M.

There are very clear intentions behind choosing Target to team up with, most notably that they only sell within the USA. Evidentially that’s a market Missoni felt the need to expand into. It’s a relatively safe bet I suppose; no stores in their home country of Italy would be able to stock it or indeed anywhere else in Europe so their brand’s identity stays untarnished and as luxury as it ever was in those territories. Something went slightly wrong however on the morning of the launch into stores and online. Having never really had to deal with such insane demand on their pervious designer collaborations Target failed to put any restrictions in place on the quantity of pieces any individual could purchase. Chaos ensued. Women walked away with three trolleys full of items in some stores, clearing out every last piece of entire lines, all ready to then be placed on E-bay as soon as they returned home.

The website didn’t fair much better, spending most of the day down and unable to be used. Those lucky few who did manage to get online and place their orders were only to be left disappointed the following day. The Target Facebook page is was about as heated as I’ve ever seen a brand’s page be, with so many people venting their frustration at the fact they’ve received emails telling them their orders have been cancelled due to lack of merchandise. Money was taken from customer’s accounts, confirmation e-mails had been sent, but even then sadly you’re weren’t safe. Many customers have since been notified that they will in fact not be receiving any of their purchases and the only option left to many is to look to the grossly inflated pricing on E-bay.

A quilted throw costing $39.99 in store and online sold on the site for $380 the day after the launch. That’s some very happy housewife somewhere I’m sure. The idea behind these high-end designer lines at affordable prices is that a brand, in this case Missoni, becomes available to a customer who was never in a position to buy pieces from the mainline itself. Everything has gotten so warped by this E-baying culture we’ve come to live in. I’m not exempt from this and I am prepared to fully admit I have in my time sold pieces from a designer collection on the site instead of returning them to the store. Whether it is because it hasn’t fitted me, or the friend who sent me into the store with a list has no longer wanted the piece they requested, I’ve still not returned it to store. The idea that you could possibly make twice what you paid for it on E-bay is a pretty serious draw. There aren’t too many people who could say they wouldn’t give in to the temptation it could bring.

This morning my own Missoni purchase was delivered to my door here in London. After much deliberation I decided to go for just the quilted throw. I’m really not in a position to buy designer homewares such as the Missoni main line – despite having a lot of love to give it. When the images of the throw first turned up I knew I had to have it, and thankfully I was one of the lucky people who saw their order go through on the Target site minutes before it crashed. The throw itself could not have been any more of a bargain, $39. It’s squishy, it’s cosy, it’s amazing. Getting it here to the UK was a little bit of a mission it has to be said, and postage wasn’t exactly cheap, but we’re focusing on the throw currently and not that. I spent the morning wrapped up in it, thoroughly happy with the purchase but also quite sad for the people who wanted pieces so much and yet had to come away with nothing. If I could have I would have ordered so much more from the homewares range – but if a throw cost me that much in postage then I dread to think what one of the marbled glass vases would have set me back.

And so here it is, the first and probably only time any part of me shall ever appear on this blog. It’s immense. I cannot wait for Sunday afternoon’s this winter. Movies, tea, Missoni. Good times.