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There is very little Miuccia Prada can have her label do that the fashion world wont love and follow in their droves. She’s pioneered some of the biggest trends for years now and it doesn’t like that’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

Where last season we saw bananas and monkeys this season’s moved onto cartoon cars and graphic flames. The cars remind me somewhat of something you’d find on a child’s wallpaper, but mostly they just bring to mind that Milkyway advert – “The blue car and the red had a race…” (You know what I’m talking about, right?) The flames look like they belong on a burly biker’s jacket. There’s an element of so-wrong-it’s-right here, as there usually is with most Prada collections. There’s always odd ideas throughout the collections but unlike many designers Miuccia does actually develop them and see them through so generally they tend to oddly work.

Pleated skirts run throughout this collection, they’re high waisted and falling to just on your knee. The ladylike feel of Autumn/Winter 2011 is still there, it just got a dose of Summer to it. A serious of beautiful baby blue, yellow and shocking red dresses appear in the middle of the show which for me are the stand out pieces here hands down. Collarless is the way your coats and jackets should be next season; we’ve been seeing them appearing throughout the collections so far but now Prada’s done it it’s a dead-cert.

Whilst most designers went with the 20s references there were a few who touched on this 50s mood also, Jonathan Saunders sent out 50s style housewives and Prada definitely has a sense of that too – from the 50s bathing suits to the cut of the coats. We’ve seen Miuccia play with the bandeau top idea before and it’s back once again here. I’m not sure however exactly how many women are going to be up for trying that one out next summer though.

Be sure to check out the shoes. Flames on the heels and car parts. Brilliant insanity in a shoe.