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I have to admire the label Gucci has evolved into under the reign of Frida Giannini. The aesthetics that Tom Ford left the brand with aren’t exactly easy to forget but the label has definitely moved on and she has a real signature running through all of her collections. The Gucci girl knows exactly who she is; she’s bold and fearless, strong and probably even a little bit ballsy, but most importantly she’s one darn glamorous girl. It’s not exactly my aesthetic but there is real beauty in some of the pieces and whilst it’s not my own personal taste I’m always eager to see what the Gucci girl is going to be bedecked in each season.

This collection brings with it an emphasis on tailoring, mostly in the form of sharp, cropped and collarless jackets. They’re actually really great pieces and I can see them working nicely into looks next season. For the most part they fasten with frog chain latches in a bright, unashamed gold. Whilst the majority of London designers had their metallics appear in more muted tones of silver it’s really the gold Frida has gone for. The gold beaded detailing on some of the jackets and jackets towards the end is well executed and looks all the more graphic set against the colour palette of black, white and the occasional green.

 The main decade of reference last season was most certainly the seventies, and for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 season it looks like it’s the twenties we’ll all need to be channeling. There are references to it throughout the collection but it’s really in the final beaded numbers we see it heavily coming through. The dropped waist and skimming fit of these shifts are sure to ensure they, like almost every Gucci collection, turns up on just about every single one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. They’ll also no doubt inspire the high street quite heavily. What you should take away from this collection is that 1– you’re going to need a cropped collarless jacket, 2 – your evening dress of choice should have a sense of the twenties about it, and finally that 3 – your black pieces don’t necessarily have to stay in your winter wardrobe.