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It took me a while to get into Christopher Kane, or rather, a while to get it. Whilst the fashion pack loved him from the get-go I found his first neon collection and the gothic velvet one after it a little…tasteless? I’ve got it a bit more now but I’m still a bit on/off again season from season. Last season did very little for me, this Spring/Summer 2012 collection does an awful lot for me. Apart from the shoes. Awful shoes. More about those later.

To me there’s always been a bit of an erratic nature when it comes to the Christopher Kane girl. She can’t quite decide what she is, what she likes, where she’s going… that baffled me at first, but now I take it on a season by season basis and try not to connect it with what has gone before. This collection was sharp, minimal even in some respects. The cuts here are really quite stark on occasion too, very graphic and hard lines in the bust lines and slit details and I can’t help but feel this season the Christopher Kane girl is giving me a bit of a cold shoulder.

The florals fabrics here are some of my favourites I’ve seen so far, there’s a soft metallic element to them that makes them really interesting, especially when they appear in the vivid shade of blue. It seems were going to be doing a fair amount of matching next season; from the matching printed short suits through to the shoes. Now, the shoes. Let’s talk about those shoes. Every last girl appeared in flats, which you may well get yourself all excited about, however if these shoes evoke excitement in you then we need to have a word. There’s something orthopaedic about them that really upsets me. I just hope that’s not an actual trend.