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In the midst of the fashion season it’s nice to have a little breather and have a look at a different kind of runway, it’s big and it’s red and it’s a pretty big deal over the other side of the pond. The Emmy’s took place last night and there were some pretty alright looks there. I say alright because to be honest I don’t think anyone actually blew me away. (Where’s Cate Blanchett when you need her?) Red was the big colour of the night and this morning is no doubt seeing a few stylists be somewhat annoyed that they picked that red dress for their clients. The very same thought around twenty or so other stylists seem to have had.

Shall we start with the bad? I’m not going to spend too long on these because quite frankly I don’t want to look at them directly for more than I have to. Granted these are not some of the worst dresses The Emmy‘s have ever seen but still.

I’m not even quite sure who Olivia Munn is but her Carolina Herrera dress needs a steam – there’s an actual fold mark in it towards the bottom. It’s also fitting too tight at the sides. It’s meant to be a looser fitting dress clearly.

Heidi Klum in Christian Siriano is just…well, yikes. That’s it. I want to leave it there. Yikes.

And last but not least in the bad section, Julianna Margulies in Armani Privé. It’s nasty, it’s white and it looks like someone let a child loose with a gluegun and some fishtank pebbles. No thank you.

So, on to the good. Gwyneth Paltrow took a chance on a potentially risky little Emilio Pucci number that shows some skin, and for the most part it paid off. She looks incredible, her body’s incredible, but I think I preferred her hair when it slightly shorter – it seemed somewhat chicer.

Kate Winslet more than made up for her Victoria Beckham boob-hoisting incident with this Elie Saab Resort dress, and good hair. That’s some good hair.

Amy Poehler chose a beautiful metallic Peter Som dress which above everything just fits like a dream. It’s a cute shape and the colour’s an amazing choice. It’s not going to win any awards for being the most fashion forward but then I don’t suppose that was ever the point.

Lea Michelle picked a vivid red Marchesa dress that at least was a bit of a surprise. I’m putting her in the good section as she does look pretty beautiful here and the fit’s perfect. It doesn’t blow me away or even make me slightly shudder in a vague fashion breeze, but at least I didn’t expect it.

So, onto the ones I’m not quite sure on. The potential’s there, but it just died in the water and left me going ‘huh?’ Let’s start with Kristen Wiig. Now I’m a fan, a huge fan and I think she’s a very attractive women for sure – but brown? Brown? You had the world of Emmy gowns in front of you and you picked the colour of poo? Zac Posen, I ask you, why brown? The style’s nice, her hair’s nice, the fabric drapes perfectly… but brown? Brown?!

Katie Holmes‘ choice of colour with this vibrant blue Calvin Klein dress was perfect for her. She doesn’t often venture that far into the land of colour and I appreciate it when she does, all that being said however I just don’t really get this. It’s not screaming biggest-award-show-in-televsion-land to me. Seems slightly…underdone.