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Mulberry is fast becoming known for more than amazingly enviable bags; the ready-to-wear collections are enticing some pretty famous ladies into purchasing more than just an Alexa. The show this morning saw a pretty stellar front row including the likes of Kirsten Stewart, Kate Moss and Romola Garai.

 The show itself had the usual dose of fun and frivolity Emma Hill has come to give Mulberry. The invites were an ice cream sandwich, inflatable seaside toys made up the décor and there was even some donkey action. It is perhaps that sense of fun that makes the fashion pack quite so excited to see what’s happening next in Mulberry land.

 Yellow is officially the colour of next season. It’s been coming through in some way, shape or form in most of the shows we’ve seen thus far and Mulberry was no exception. How well it’s going to catch on I’m less sure about however. It’s a tricky colour to pull off without a doubt, and made all the more so when it’s in head-to-toe looks like it is here. These yellows are at their best when they’re teamed with easy nude tones, taking on a distinct likeness to vanilla ice creams and a wafer cornet. Quite a few shows have seen it paired this way and it’s probably going to be the easiest way to buy into the yellow trend next year without looking like Ronald McDonald.

Overall the lines are mostly soft and the pieces are mostly for you to feel comfortable in going about your daily life. There’s nothing too restrictive, nothing too much of a hindrance. Next season is all about doing everything with ease. Apart from your hair – big hair’s clearly happening next season too, check out the backcombing going on here.  All the energy you save on your clothing needs to go into some serious backcombing girls.