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One of the designers I always look for in New York Fashion Week is Thakoon. Sharp, wearable with edge garments usually fill his runway, and always with a very distinct touch of beauty about them. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which showed yesterday at The Plaza, seemed to be something of a jolt from what’s gone before.

I had to watch this collection, take my notes, and then come away from it while I truly formed my opinion of it. Having slept on it and re-viewed it I can see it a bit more clearly and am able to attempt to strip away the distracting and to be brutally honest, pretty awful styling and see what actually lies in there for you to make a wardrobe out of.  The spray painted hair and two-tone hats are just too distracting for me in this runway setting. However I now have no doubt that underneath the excessive styling there are some great pieces, some great pieces I really hope to see turn up editorially and away from the catwalk’s spray painted pink hair.

 There’s a definite Indian reference to some of the prints, combining them within western style shirts and some great little summer dresses in a vibrant shade of blue that just screams of summer. Trend wise Thakoon solidifies that we’ll be seeing an array of lame this season; here used on pleated skirts as well as rather interestingly on stripes cutting across crisp blue trousers.  There’s also yet another printed blazer here; which to me just signifies even more that for the summer of 2012 you’re going to definitely need one in your wardrobe repertoire. The trend of skirts and dresses with an asymmetrical front-t0-back hemline continues, be sure to look out for that one. It seems like a good contender for the skirt shape of the season thus far.