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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are now in their fourth year with label The Row and it probably couldn’t be going any better for them. They have the fashion critics on their side, editors and celebrities decked out in their pieces and the figures are looking good. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection was presented in the Baryshnikov Art Center yesterday and it was nothing but a sea of beautiful calm.

Inspired by images of Tibet and the twins’ visit to a Nick Cave exhibit in Seattle, the collection was almost a solid block of white, only punctuated by off-white tones on rare occasions. These are pieces that can be built around your life, there’s nothing pretentious or particularly showy about them, just beautifully cut, exceptionally well made and drenched in an ease that’s become ever more difficult to pin down. Coming out of a season that was all about polish, glamour and looking exceptionally well put together these look really are Ashley intended them to be, “like a breath of fresh air.” The delicately printed silk pajamas look is a great example of this re-found ease, clothes with a relaxed nature entwined in their construction.  The sharply tailored white wide leg trousers are sure to find a home in many fashion editor’s wardrobes, and if I were Diane Kruger I’d be looking at that photo and knowing they are all kinds of perfect for me.