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In my experience there is one word and one alone that is sure to reduce any fashion girl to an excited, quivering and slightly demented wreck.


So you can imagine what the idea of giant replica’s of 2.55’s and tweed jackets, teamed with some of the world’s most beautiful dresses is going to do these women’s poor nerves. Let’s hope Harrods, the home of the amazing new Chanel pop-up store can handle the women not quite in possession of the bank account to allowed for such spectacular dresses, such butter soft quilted bags and such exquisite hand woven tweed jackets. As there’s no doubt they’ll still visit, and quietly sob to themselves.

If you think you can handle the urge to lick such beautiful little gems like the dress below, then head over to the Harrods store in Knightsbridge to get a Chanel fix.