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For the past few years H&M has been one of the few brands genuinely trying to push forward ethical fashion on the high street, devoting highly promoted collections entirely to the idea of being conscious about what exactly we put on our backs.

Whilst it’s something I personally feel quite strongly about I’m aware there is indeed a large proportion of people who really don’t question where anything comes from, how ethical something is, and the conditions in which something is produced in. To me this is where the fashion aspect is seriously important and the A/W Conscious Collection really does seem to have the nail on the head in that respect, going to show you can be both both conscious and on-trend. The days of weird rainbow knitted hemp clothing are long gone. This collection has more than a few treats.

Check out the long sleeve floral number, it’s just waiting for someone to mistake it for an Erdem. And I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there’s definitely something a little Dries Van Noten about the whole affair.

The collection launches in stores and online on October 6th.