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I’m going to fully applaud Vogue for their cover choice, Adele is a spectacular talent and a beautiful girl and fully worthy of gracing the cover.  Sølve Sundsbø shot Adele for her cover shoot – a pretty interesting choice when you consider we’re usually always given such covers by Mario Testino; who sadly hasn’t been churning out the best covers lately. (See Vanessa Paradis‘ disastrous cover earlier this year for proof of that one.)

I can’t however be somewhat miffed that we’ve been given a head shot. Why take the move to feature Adele – an openly and happily plus sized woman and then reduce her to a head. It seems a bit odd. We all know what she looks? I wish it had been embraced personally. But still, that doesn’t detract from quite how beautiful she looks in this shot. Go team Adele.

(On another note this issue contains a shoot with Amy Childs. Yes, Amy Childs. I can’t even bring myself to comment on how exactly that happened or who thought that would be a good idea.)