I’m not really flashing all that far back here to be fair, only to the Fall/Winter 2010 collection Marc Jacobs presented in New York back in March 2010. I’ve always wanted to share and express my love for it and today seemed like a day for some Marc. At the time it was shown on the website and I, like the fool I am, stayed up till about 2am just so I could watch it live from London and I never felt more glad that I did.

The entire venue was wrapped in brown paper, from the floors to the giant box at the end of the room, which you can see was ripped open by Marc himself to reveal an army of models, and as the models begin to walk various versions of ‘Over The Rainbow’ play. The collection itself was inspired by Kansas, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and there’s certainly some depression era references in there for good measure also.

One dress in particular will always stick in my head. It’s a beautiful dress for sure, but it’s the idea behind it that makes me week in the knees. A soft faded floral dress in delicate tones of yellows with a sequin drenched hemline, as if you’ve been caught in some kind of sequin shower, and dragged your dress through sequinned puddles. Beautiful.