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It should be your hair in a side parting.
(Go with me on this. No, really.)

The womenswear catwalks were awash with long sleek ponytails this season, and none did it quite so well as Gucci. The hair was slicked down, parted to one side, tied tightly and then made to go well and truly bushy. Whilst I’m going to advise bushy hair, I’m definitely saying it’s time to part the new way.

Not just something for the girls, the menswear catwalks have been bringing back the side parting for quite some time, it just hasn’t seemed to gain too much momentum. Till now. It’s a geeky formal look, but it’s time to embrace it. Messed up hair just isn’t as cool as it was I’m afraid. Try it. You’ll feel like you’re in Mad Men. Promise.