It’s hard to predict a cover star.
Kristen Stewart on W, despite Breaking Dawn not being released for a few months? Kirsten Dunst’s slightly out of the blue appearance on British Elle? For me the biggest conundrum came from Anne Hathaway, despite having the sure to be huge One Daycoming up they could only manage to secure her the cover of a somewhatailing Marie Claire in the UK? By now I’d have thought she would be Harper’s worthy. Perhaps for next year’s The Dark Knight Rising.

Almost everyone went down the Vuitton sex pest route, and no one really did it all that well.
That was a bit of a shame. It was ripe for the picking and pretty much everyone has tried their hands at getting the truly kinky feel the Vuitton show had, yet it hasn’t quite worked out. Still, British Vogue seemed to have ignored that trend, so perhaps there’s still some subversive little offering from them in the October issue.

British Vogue can still surprise us.
I never would have thought my favourite September editorial would have come from British Vogue, but it did. Testino worked his magic on a beautiful shoot with Arizona and Freja. It wasn’t something I expected to see and I’m all the more impressed for that very reason. Something tells me this is going to be the best way we’ll be seeing those amazing Marc Jacobs pieces used this season. For me the most important part of the editorial was the fact that it was actually styled. It wasn’t a sea of head-to-toe brand looks as has been the case for quite a while now. Long live the stylist!

Jennifer Lopez is still annoyingly amazingly photogenic.
That’s pretty self-explanatory.

GQ went for a model wearing little clothing.
Shocking. Groundbreaking. A breath of fresh air.
It was none of those things. It’s a sorry state of affairs when a magazine has to put a near naked women just to get readers to even purchase the magazine. My main problem is really that they just don’t own up to what they are. If you’re going to think of yourself as being classier than Nuts, then you need to back up that fact. Not just hide your semi-decent fashion content behind boobs. Make a decision and stick to it I say.

And lastly, the Best In Show (Part One) goes to British Harper’s Bazaar.
Beautiful cover, beautiful editorials, engaging content, and it’s supersized? I’m a sucker for a magazine on a large scale. It deserves a far bigger readership then it gets and I’m on a mission to spread the word. A one boy revolution.